Nature Walks

Nature walks led the by the Casa Oropéndola's host, a knowledgeable nature enthusiast who provides fascinating insight about the local flora and fauna. These are short and leisurely walks that don’t require much physical endurance, and are ideal for families.


La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a birdwatching paradise thanks to its wide variety of birds, including 20+ endemic species. In Sierra Nevada, birdwatching can take places in areas from 1,000 masl. in Hacienda La Victoria to 2,800 masl in Cuchilla San Lorenzo, which provides the opportunity to spot a great diversity of species. Casa Oropéndola works with the top birdwatching guides in the region, including professional photographers specialised in birding, and ornithologists from University of Oxford and renowned Colombian universities.


There is no better way to disconnect from the world than by saluting the sun surrounded by nature at 1,500 metres above sea level.
Yoga sessions can be organised in the balcony or the garden, with a magnificent view of the mountains and ocean below. Sessions can be done on a daily basis, or a full yoga retreat can be arranged.

Coffee Harvesting

Casa Oropéndola produces premium organic coffee that is to share exclusively with family, friends and esteemed guests. During coffee harvesting season (October - December), guests can spend their mornings or afternoons handpicking coffee –a surprisingly therapeutic experience.

Cooking Classes

Join the lodge’s chef as he prepares local delicacies, and shares his cooking tips and secrets.
He will propose a few options, and together you can design the class’ menu. Perfect your grilling skills, learn to prepare local dishes, or experiment with new ingredients such as local exotic fruits.


Guests can choose from short 1-3 hour treks, to more demanding 6-8 hour treks to visit spectacular waterfalls. Take on the mountain equipped with trekking poles, water bottles, snacks and a picnic lunch prepared by our chef. Please note that some treks require a car transfer, which have an additional cost.